Christ our Life

Jesus Christ is not a distant God to us, but one with whom we have a personal relationship. We speak with Him, are led by Him and are inwardly filled with Him. Our daily life is marked by the living experience of Christ and sweet fellowship with one other. We can testify that Christ is the same today as he was 2000 years ago.

"...I will Build my Church"

We do believe that the bible is as valid for us today as for the Christians at the time of the New Testament. The biblical principles apply not only to the way of salvation but also to the practical church life.

Just as the Corinthians were not allowed to call themselves of Paul or of Peter, likewise we may not call ourselves according to a spiritual leader or a teaching. Based on the word of the bible we reject divisions and meet as the church in Hamburg. Our experience has been that God has richly blessed this stand of oneness.

"For God so much Loved the World..."

Our concern is that many more would get to know the living Christ. We believe, as the bible says, that alone faith in Jesus Christ saves us. It has been a great joy to see how the Lord has profoundly changed the lives of so many different people and given them a meaning and hope for their lives.